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AWA 2021 Conference Cycle

Where will it take place?

AWA intends to receive, in the best possible way, all interested parties to participate in its conference cycles All conferences will take place in the School Headquarters Auditorium (or in Webminar depending on the evolution of the Pandemic).

What are the themes of the conferences?

15-21-2020 – Operational Procedures – Helicopters Cte Marco Casquilho

02/22-2021 – Civil Aeronautics – balance sheet for the last year (Feb2020 to Feb2021). (Speakers to be announced in due course)

22-04-2021 – Impact of the Covid19 Pandemic on air transport – which paths? (Speakers to be announced in due course)

06/22-2021 – Aeronautical training. What adaptations did you undergo? What preparation is needed for new professionals? How to keep professionals focused on the mission? Impact of the introduction of 100KSA on training compared to what AWA was already doing in this area. (Speakers to be announced in due course)

22-10-2021 – Integration of the various components of the Aeronautical Industry. From aircraft design to operational exploration. (Speakers to be announced in due course)

Date to be disclosed – Role of air transport in the context of international transport. Advantages and capabilities. (Speakers to be announced in due course)

How can I apply?

To register, just send an email to para with your information and confirm the conferences you want to attend. Alternatively, you can call +351 219420458 (general AWA number) for more information.