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AWA 2023 Conference Cycle

Where will it take place?

AWA intends to receive, in the best possible way, all interested parties to participate in its conference cycles All conferences will take place in the School Headquarters Auditorium at 18:00.

What are the themes of the conferences?

15-02-2023 – Post COVID activity indicators. What level are we at? Is there a shortage of commercial pilots?

19-04-2023 – Implementation of TopSky in Portugal

06-07-2023 – What has changed in European airspace? Eurocontrol operational standards and rules

30-10-2023 – Fuels and emissions. What is the aeronautical ecological footprint in the global context?

13-12-2023 – Flight Physiology. How to maintain capabilities?

How can I apply?

To register, just send an email to para with your information and confirm the conferences you want to attend. Alternatively, you can call +351 219420458 (general AWA number) for more information.