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About Us:

AWA is an aeronautical training school, operating since 2008. We dedicate our knowledge to the training of Aircraft Pilots and Flight Operations Officers. These courses are approved by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), as stated in the Certificates of Approval PT.ATO.005 and P/OOV/03/03.

AWA operates in facilities suitable for training, with 9 classrooms, 1 simulator (of communications) and an Amphitheater with a capacity of 160 seats at the Headquarters alone. This is also where our Safety (SM) and Compliance (CMM) offices and the GAA/PSI (Student Support Office/Psychology) work.

We have an organic fleet of around 25 aircraft that operates from the Cascais airfield, where the facilities meet the highest operational requirements. Come and see the new facilities at Hangar 15 at Cascais Airport (LPCS).

We have a reputed group of employees (see “Our Team”), who are totally focused on their training, to which are added around 40 Flight Instructors and 46 Professors of theoretical subjects.

AWA, after overcoming the difficulties created by the situation – shortage of IPs, is equipped with means (new aircraft, new FNPTII – ALSIM/ALX – approved in JUL/2022) and continues to guarantee the traditional quality training of its students, privileging face-to-face training with resources from dedicated teachers, within the EASA time frame (see ATPL course phase).

We guarantee ATPL training in 18 to 20 months.

At AWA, we continue to assume that student pilots must have a set of characteristics that allow them to enter the profession, and that the prerequisites for enrolling in the course are not enough. Before EASA required it, the AWA already advocated the set attitude/knowledge/performance – (KSA). Count on us to guarantee you high quality training.

We have two options available to candidates for obtaining an airline transport pilot license (ATPL), Integrated or Modular.

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We have at the disposal of candidates the two options for obtaining the airline pilot license (ATPL), Integrated or Modular. We are not limited in the offer, we do not point out as “better” one of the possibilities, but we advise the candidate seriously, so that he can choose the route that suits him.  But attention, any of the options confers equivalent license, with theoretical and practical trainers chosen among the best at the national level.
In addition, we are seriously committed to face-to-face training, adjusted to the aeronautical reality and with unparalleled advantages over distance training, virtual, disconnected from contact with the subjects and with the professionals who work in the field of the subject matter they teach.  The major Airlines have returned to face-to-face teaching, as well as the major Universities and Aeronautical Schools, due to the involvement they promote with subjects, teachers and students. We do not sell dreams, we sell serious and targeted training to aviation professionals, both Flight Operations Officers and Pilots.

Our Commitment:

-We do not promise what we cannot keep.-
-We like to know our students, we treat them by their name.
-We do not open classes above our management capacity.
-We never book flights without an available aircraft / instructor.
-We don’t hide mistakes. We share them in order to avoid their recurrence.
-We provide quality training, with a strict control of the activity of the trainers.
-Strives for a standardized (flight and theoretical) instruction.
-We offer fair prices that are appropriate to the market situation.
-We are adamant about incompetence at any level of the organization.
-We respect our employees, being aware of their contribution to the objectives.
-We treat all professions as essential to flight safety, from piloting to flight operations.

Our Fleet:

We’ve 10 different models for you to use and learn.

Cessna 150

Single Engine

Grob G115

Single Engine

Bristell B23

Single Engine

Tecnam P2006T

Twin Engine

Piper-Seneca PA34

Twin Engine

Our Media

Our Team

These are the people who work every day to achieve your goals.
Our team is like a family, and will be here whenever you need it.

Nominated Persons

Renato Pinheiro

AM & Co-founder

Miguel Cardoso

CMM & Co-founder

Gen. Henrique Lopes

Safety Manager

Rufino Neves


Gonçalo Calisto

Chief Flight Instructor

Egídio Candeias


Vera Francisco



Vera Francisco


Maria Antonieta


António Cardoso


Cátia Ferreira



Rúben Rocha


Sónia Anastácio



André Garcia


Vasco Teixeira
Maintenance Manager

Flávio Lopes
Responsible for Airworthiness


Maria Martins


Recently implemented, the Student Support Office (GAA) aims to guide AWA students in academic, in-flight or internship contexts, contributing to quality teaching with broad reflexes at” Safety “level, taking into account integration into the labor market.

Partnerships and Entities