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What are our Courses and Activities?

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Course Directory

ATPL(A) Integrated

Operation Officer

ATPL(A) Modular

Flight Instructor

Private Pilot

ATPL(A) Theory E-Learning

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All Activities

Instrument Rating

With us you can do an instrument rating qualification.

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Aeronautical English

Our students take their Aeronautical english tests at the APPLA

Class Rating

With AWA you can do a class rating qualification.

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License Conversion

With AWA you can convert your License into an EASA License

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Refreshment Course

Review and update aeronautical knowledge to perform the functions of Flight Operations Officer and Assistant

PBN Course

With a PBN course you’ll be able to execute RNAV approaches and departures.

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FOO license renewal / revalidation course

License renewal / revalidation course, according to REG / ANAC 614/2018.

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