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Discover the work of a FOO. The course is structured to allow students the necessary preparation for successfully achieve the International Professional License.

How to get a Flight Operation Officer License

Take a FOO course in about 12 moths, and start your career immediately after.

At AWA you’ve a guaranteed internship at one of our partners.

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What is the Flight Operations Officer Course?

Most complete course in Portugal for a very demanding profession! Meets all ICAO requirements, adapted to European requirements.

A Flight Operations Officer assists in flights planning, on all levels. The training course provides with all the technical preparation for our students to obtain a Flight Operations Officer License. Dispatchers provide a flight following service and advise pilots if conditions or paths change.

Each class has a maximum limit of 12 students. This is a measure to maintain the quality that the school is known for. Our school provides you an internship at the end of the course.

What do I need to get started?

In order to begin the Flight Operations Officer course, you need to meet several requirements:

– Be 18 years old at the date of issue of the license;
– Have the 12th year of schooling in an area that includes the subjects of Mathematics and Physics, or – Minimum compulsory education and demonstrate knowledge of Mathematics and Physics, after attending this module at AWA, as a pre-course included in all OOV courses of this OF / OOV.

The OOVs trained at AWA from 2008 to the present date (2020) perform their duties in the most renowned national aviation companies and, some, are in flight operations in several countries in the world.
Our employees responsible for the OOV course have, among other skills, the OOV license and are prepared to be able to help the student in training and integration in the work context.

Theoretical Instruction

– Air Law;
– Aircraft General Knowledge;
– Electricity;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation;
– Mass and Balance;
– Performance;
– Flight Planning and Monitoring;
– Human Performance;
– Meteorology;
– General Navigation;
– Radio Navigation;
– Operational Procedures;
– Principles of Flight;
– Communications;
– Security;
– Dangerous Goods;
– Preparing for the Stage.



According to applicable legislation.


Lectures – Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 21:20

Estimated Duration

7 months + 90 weekdays internship

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