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For you to be a Pilot, we’ve three training paths.

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Air Transport Pilot License (airplanes) – Integrated

The Airline Pilot Training Course is an intensive course and aims to train pilots with the level of proficiency necessary to operate, with quality, in commercial air transport.


– Having a minimum age of 17 years old;
– Having 18 years at the time the pilot license is issued;
– Having a Class I Medical certificate;
– Having an High School degree certificate;
– English, physics and mathematics knowledge;
– Personal interview.

Credits for previous experience

For more personalized information, please contact us.

Training Program


– 205 hours of flight – up to 40 hours can be performed in simulator;
– 15 hours in simulator (MCC).
– Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)


– SYLLABUS 100/KSA (new EASA requirement);
– Air Law;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe;
– Electricity;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Power Plant;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Alarm and Monitoring;
– Aircraft General Knowledge – Power Plant Control;
– Mass and Balance – Airplanes;
– Performance – Airplanes;
– Flight Planning and Monitoring;
– Human Performance;
– Meteorology;
– General Navigation;
– Radio Navigation;
– Operational Procedures;
– Principles of Flight;
– Communications;
– IFR Flight Rules Theory;
– Course Airplanes;
– General and Group Briefings;
– MCC.

Course Composition


According to applicable legislation.


Day Course – Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 17:30.
Night Course – Monday to Friday between 18:00 to 21:20.


Up to 20 months

Air Transport Pilot License (airplanes) – Modular

The ATPL Modular Course (A) is intended to allow candidates without experience of flying, or PPL (A) license holders, to be able to ascend to the frozen ATPL license, sequentially fulfilling the modules of:
– PPL (A);
– Airline theory;
– Night flight;
– Flight Qualification by instruments;
– Qualification in Multi-engine (with PBN Instruments);
– UPRT modules;
– The MCC course.

In order to achieve the issuance of the CPL (A) license (equal to the one that in the integrated course).

Commercial Pilot Requirements

– Having a minimum age of 18 years old;
– Class I Medical Certificate;
– Hold a Private Pilot License (Aircraft) (PPL(A));
– For more information contact AWA;

Credits for Previous Experience

Contact AWA if you already have a PPL(A) license.

Training Program

The modules are sequential and allow their execution in a phased manner, depending on the student’s availability.

Contact AWA for more information.

Private Pilot License (aircraft)

The aim of the PPL(A) is to train the applicant to the level of proficiency to act, without remuneration, as Pilot in Command or Co-Pilot on airplanes engaged in non-commercial operations.

Private Pilot Requirements

– Having a minimum age of 17 years old;
– Class II Medical Certificate.

Credits for Previous Experience

For further details, please contact us.

Private Pilot Training Program:

– Air Law;
– AirFrame and Systems;
– Electricity and Radio;
– Engines;
– Flight Instruments;
– Performance;
– Mass and Balance;
– Flight Planning and Monitoring;
– Human performance;
– Meteorology;
– General Navigation;
– Radar and Radio Aids;
– Operational Procedures;
– Principles of Flight;
– Communications;
– Course Aircrafts;
– General Briefings;
– Theory of Instruments Flights.


– 6 months;
– 45 hours of real flight;

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